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With over 20 years of deal-making experience, our Acquisition & Mergers Group has been active in more than 200 transactions and 400 refinancings involving middle market companies in the $5 - $100 million range.

Selling a company is one of the major events in both the personal and professional life of a business owner. It is important to manage and understand the process. It may involve great emotional investment, financial risk and unexpected issues and problems. The time and priority required to sell a company could impede on the operations of the business and cause it to suffer. This is why the selling process should be managed by a professional.

Our objective. Our commitment is to close a transaction optimizing the personal and financial goals of our client. By managing the transaction, we provide maximum advantage to a selling client. We level-the- playing-field since the seller deals from a position of maximum capability.

While optimizing our client's personal and financial goals and obtaining the highest possible price is our number #1 objective...priority #1 for our clients is maintaining strict confidentiality.

The successful sale. There are five essential elements to selling a business successfully. Unless all these elements are present, the chances of a successful sale will drop dramatically or may even be impossible!

What are they? Why are they so important?

1. Confidentiality
Without it you can:

  • Disrupt your employees

  • Encourage competition

  • Alarm Suppliers & Creditors

  • Lose Customers

  • Lose Your Qualified Buyer

2. A Qualified Buyer
Someone who:

  • Has 100% Cash or Credit to Pay the Full Asking Price

  • Wants a Business Like Yours in your area

  • Can Make a decision to Buy your Business .... Today!

3. A Marketing Plan
Your plan must:

  • Maintain Confidentiality

  • Promote your Business

  • Be Affordable and Effective

  • Attract Qualified Buyers Only

4. Justified Price
This is needed to:

  • Prove your selling Price

  • Enable a Buyer to use Bank Financing

5. The Intermediary/Closer
This can be:

  • You and the Buyer

  • Other intermediaries -- Your Attorney, CPA, or Both

  • WNM Advisors, LLC


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