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Services - Private Placements

Use a Private Placement Offering to Raise Capital

WNM Advisors, LLC specializes in the preparation of Reg D private placement offerings. WNM also provides assistance to successfully market your offering directly to accredited investors.

The WNM Private Placement Offering Package Includes:

  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

  • Investment Presentation (Web and PowerPoint formats)

  • Subscription Agreements

  • Secure Investor Website plus free hosting for One Year

  • Federal and State filing forms

Private Placement Document Preparation
This process includes working with the company to determine the structures, valuations, terms, etc. that are appropriate. During this process WNM provides a Due Diligence checklist. This helps the company organize the documents that will be required to draft the PPM. If a recent business plan is available it would be included in the PPM as an attachment. A business plan is not required but it does provide the prospective investor a more complete picture of the company's potential. If the company does not have a business plan WNM can develop one for an additional charge.

WNM shortly after assembling all the required information quickly develops the first draft of the PPM. This draft is immediately submitted for review. Usually two drafts are submitted prior to final copy. It takes approximately 10 days to get to final draft after all the required data and documents have been assembled. All the Subscription, Investor Qualification forms, Escrow, and Reg D documents are included.

Investment Presentation
Although the PPM presents a comprehensive amount of detail on every aspect of the company, by definition it does not provide a concise overview of the investment opportunity. This is accomplished with the Investment Presentation. A well prepared Investment Presentation is essential to successfully marketing the investment offering.

WNM, using a backdrop of professional graphics, develops 13-15 Power Point slides that answers quickly the primary questions, "Why will you succeed and How much will I make and When?" The Investment Presentation communicates clearly and quickly the attributes of the offering. If the presentation does its job the prospective investor then is motivated to read the additional information in order to support the presentation's facts and projections. In spite of the multitude of documents and disclosures provided, the majority of investment decisions are made based on the initial reaction to the Investment Presentation.

The presentation is developed in manner that it can be delivered via the web, CD, or by email.

Investment Website
The Internet, if properly used, can be a great asset in presenting your Investment Offering to accredited investors. WNM develops a secure, password protected website specifically designed for your prospective investors. The website is used as a resource center presenting to accredited investors the PPM, Subscription forms, Business Plans, Investment Presentations, product and services brochures and specs, customer testimonials, etc.

WNM provides one year of hosting free. Included is access to the site to make changes and additions. For a small monthly fee WNM will maintain and update the website for you.


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